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01-Sep-2017 12:10

Making a difference to how you feel We have a lot of deaf people in the Outsiders Club and we have just started the Hearing Loss Group Chat.

Through this, you can swap notes and get support from each other.

Jo is a dear friend and she has taught many disabled women how to do striptease – even the famous actress, Liz Carr, who said Jo changed her life!

The 2017 Outsiders Jamboree is on Monday 12th June at the Backyard Comedy Club in Bethnal Gren, just south of the tube.

Jo certainly is, as her own hearing is deteriorating.Some people also feel there is a stigma to using hearing aids.Of course, the hearing aid can be covered with hair, but when it comes to going to bed with a new lover, it can’t be hidden. These people tend to have the most difficult time socially as many assume that because you can speak, you can also hear.But the side effect is that she now has no time for romance!

I am wondering whether you also need some support to gain confidence in yourself – so you can be more assertive when people mistreat you.I wear a badge to tell people I am deaf, but people I meet, such as shopkeepers, are ignorant about hearing loss. When I misunderstand, they make me feel as if I am stupid. I feel horribly isolated and wonder whether you can advise me on how to find companionship and to help haul myself out of the pit I seem to be falling into.