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In 2014, the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Public Health and Center for LGBT Health Research released a comprehensive study comparing the HIV rates between MSM, MSW and MSMW."Our meta-analysis shows that bisexually behaving men are significantly more likely than heterosexually behaving men to have HIV but significantly less likely than gay-behaving men to have HIV," a primary author told, as bisexuals are at heightened risk for depression, cancer, obesity and various sexually transmitted infections.

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These false ideas of bisexuality have led to the idea that bisexual men are more likely to be HIV positive than men who have sex exclusively with other men or women.My date and I had settled into our entrées when we started talking about what we do for work. But for him, it was because he didn't want to date someone who was bisexual. It's OK for women to be attracted to men and women, because most male audiences find so-called "girl-on-girl" action appealing.Other than a few awkward pauses during our appetizers, I felt like the date was going well. Yet bisexual men are viewed with a level of distrust that's less common among bisexual women."I've never dated a bisexual man because I was very apprehensive to do so," Paul from New York told Since having learned more about bisexuals, Paul said he would likely date a bisexual man: because most bisexual men probably don't have as much sexual experience with other men, Paul said it would be "hot" to teach them a thing or two in bed.

"I feel like I would be getting a part of that man that someone else might not have seen or had before," he told : Paul's statement that male bisexuality is "hot" adds another layer of difficulty for bisexual men: They have to deal with their sexual orientation being fetishized, specifically by gay men.

Recently, he told a man he had just slept with that he was bisexual.