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These and other European instruments were originally imported into Hawaii by the immigrants, and continued to be imported through the late 19th century, even after local makers started building their own.Manuel Nunes, Joao Fernandes, Augusto Dias and Jose do Espirito Santo all arrived from Portugal in Hawaii on the Ravenscrag, in 1879, along with 400-plus other immigrants, to work the sugar cane fields.

In 1945 the company reorganized as "Kamaka and Sons Enterprises", but when both Kamaka boys were drafted to fight in World War II, ukulele making took a back seat. and Frederick attended Washington State University, and later got a job in the Army. earned a master's degree and pursued a doctorate in entomology from Oregon State University.

The largest wave of Portuguese immigration lasted about 30 years, and 11,000 Portuguese immigrants would arrive in its first decade.

The ukulele is not a direct descendant of any particular instrument; rather it is a hybrid, most likely of the machete and the five-string rajo.

He restored the company to its original location in Kaimuki, and expanded the company in 1959. In 1955, Kamaka first hired disabled employees, a time at which the disabled were viewed as unable to work.

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Kamaka and Sons incorporated in 1968, and in 1972 Frederick became the general manager. Two hearing-impaired individuals were hired as craftsmen, and were found to be exemplary workers, because of their enhanced sense of touch, which allowed them to craft better ukuleles, able to feel the thickness of the wood.In the 1920s, Samuel Kamaka started making a new design of ukulele, which produced a more mellow sound than that of a normal figure-eight shaped ukulele.

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