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Q: Does Toshiba provide any software drivers for the Canvio External Hard Drives?A: The Toshiba External hard drives are plug-and-play devices.For general assistance with downloads, see Support Bulletin 98081213 Obtaining downloads and support docs from the Toshiba Support website. Access the Toshiba External hard drive and look for the folder MY FILES (which contains your backup files) and delete it. Now look for the folder IMAGES (which contains the complete system backup) and delete it.Q: How do I bring back My Toshiba external hard drive to factory settings, or delete the current files on the ext drive? Now your Toshiba External hard drive is back to factory settings.The Batch rename feature enables you to apply various rules to Remove Characters or Strings from the Filename, Replace Characters or Text from the Filename and Change Case to lower/UPPER/etc., Insert Sequence and Text and also modify File Extension. The Results Export functionality lets you choose which Columns to Export and in what order, the destination: Clipboard/File, the File Format: Full Path/. Q: How do I begin the installation of the NTI software?It is also possible to build a general list of Folders to be excluded and also a list of Names to filter Folders.

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A: You must format the external hard drive to ex FAT to work with Android tablets.This Utility does not use background Indexing, does not waste system resources and does not use extra space on the Disk.