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06-Dec-2017 02:25

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But my go-to for this has always been to ask a question.

It’s a psychological fact that the more people talk, the more they enjoy the conversation. The world is a terrible, cruel, and meaningless place.

I have absolutely no confidence in my appearance, never have.

But getting dates has made me think, “maybe I’m not a complete rotting-ladyface-witch! It’s this weird, repetitious pattern of interviewing people about their pasts and trying to turn your life story into short enough sound bites that they don’t get bored.

But chatting with no intention of ever meeting up is kind of a crappy thing to do, because the purpose of these tools is to go on actual dates.

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I find myself swiping as fast as I can so I can get to the blank screen and know that I did the whole assignment. Raya was sold to me as a place where beautiful influencer/artist/celeb types go to “network.” I was all “that sounds cool” and applied. I’d be nonplussed by this if I didn’t know so many garbagepeople who are on it. The League turned out to be a massive disappointment.Since you didn’t ask, a quick dating tip, which I was reminded of on a recent date: Don’t talk too much.I went on a date with this guy (who I knew in real life then matched with on Tinder) and he literally didn’t shut up the whole time.There are a lot of tumultuous things going on in my life (some I can’t mention here yet) so I’ve been in a state of rediscovering my goals, both professional and personal.

One of those goals is and always has been to communicate with people (THIS MEANS YOU) so the tone of this blog, while staying in the interiors/lifestyle realm, is going to shift a bit towards things I’m currently interested in, including love, dating, and relationships.

Some people just use these sites/apps to entertain themselves. During my last breakup, when I was a total mess, I used them just to learn about people.