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Also, teens who are cyberbullied are more likely than other teens to have problems such as using drugs, skipping school, and even getting sick.

If you are being cyberbullied, talk to an adult you trust.

In fact, cyberbullies can get in a lot of trouble with their schools, and possibly even with the police. It can be easier to type something really mean than to say it to a person.

But being cyberbullied can sometimes feel even worse than other kinds of bullying.

You fully understand that you shouldn’t do it; your friends, family and pile of women’s magazines tell you so. Before the internet existed, did we just write our old flames letters? ” Informing your ex that you’re nearby might prompt them to invite you over to their apartment, but don’t do it. Because you’ll end up walking five blocks to their place, getting drinks like I warned you not to (see: #4) and then realizing your car 7. ” Have you been browsing through their pictures lately?

Because the ingenuity of technology allows you to with little to no consequences. Don’t hope you’re invited to their wedding so you can drunkenly make a toast like Mindy Kaling in because that stuff is only funny on television.

Sometimes, a guy may pressure you to send these kinds of photos. It’s a very bad idea to send nude photos or forward someone else’s.

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One out of 5 girls ages14 to 17 say people her age are mostly unkind to each other on social media. Some teens think it’s easier to get away with bullying online than in person.

It wasn’t to be weird or dirty, I completely trusted him, and when we were apart, we’d send the pictures to each other and wish we were together.

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